East Sheen Aikido and Kashima-no-Tachi Dojo


COVID-19 Practice Details

With COVID-19 health regulations things keep changing, but we follow BAB guidelines. Please see our COVID Guidelines which must be followed at all times for indoor practice.

Update 13 July 2021 - as per BAB information:

  • Full Contact Aikido can resume for both Adults and Juniors as of 19th July 2021.
  • There is no limit on class size or who you can train with.
  • The use of face covering is at the choice of the club leader, but is NOT a legal requirement.
  • The use of the NHS Track and Trace QR code to register at your club is suggested, but is not a legal requirement.
  • Some of your club members may be anxious about contact aikido , The BAB suggests that you should be sensitive to this and you could refer to the BAB Return to the Dojo documentation Phase 2 & 3 for guidance. Although this is no longer a legal requirement as of the 19th July 2021. Please let us know if you have concerns and we will be happy to find an appropriate solution

Update 2 May 2021 - Practice has restarted indoors in the dojo in Alder Road!!! We are continuing to meet in Richmond Park on Sundays as below.

In the Park - this is by mutual arrangement (and depends on the weather - e.g. cancelled if raining), but typically Sundays at 4pm in the summer (in autumn it is at least 1.5 hours before park closing time for cars - so becomes earlier than 4pm) - call for details and we can invite you to our WhatsApp group.

Normally this is by the wood near Sheen Gate - with back to gate facing in to the park, it is the wood 400m in front of you next to the roundabout. We meet at the near left corner - away from the road: Google Maps Link.

In addition, Robert has been doing some personal one-to-one sessions via Zoom by appointment.


The club meets on Monday evenings from 8.00pm until 9.45pm and we also have a morning class on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6.30AM - 8.00am - leaves time to get to work afterwards (feeling virtuous!). The morning classes may occasionally be cancelled/moved - please call to confirm.


£35 for monthly standing order which covers all classes (up to 4 per week). Otherwise it is £14 per class, £8 for concessions (students/low waged). Yearly membership is required and includes insurance and is £35.

Classes in the park are included in monthly cost.


The Mortlake Girl Guides hall in Alder Road (down the path next to No 38 Alder Road - behind the Scout Hut which is on the road), London SW14 8ER

See above for COVID practice in Park.

This is close to Mortlake station (on the Richmond-Waterloo line) - see TFL Journey Planner

What to wear

Beginners can wear a track suit or loose fitting clothes to start with; unless of course you happen to have a judo (or other martial arts suit with a white belt) which would be ideal. We practise in bare feet. Once you have decided to practise regularly, you will be expected to buy yourself an aikido dogi (judo suit).

In the Park we normally do not wear a dogi.